Fun for the whole family

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If go-karts, noisy arcade games, and hordes of screaming children sound like a good time, you may need to have your head examined. The screaming children that live in my house insist that getting all sugared up and running around an arcade is great fun. They think nothing of plunking down loads of my cash to play games that spit out tickets which they trade in for prizes that are worth almost nothing.

I will get my revenge one day when I am old. I will move in with them and start making demands–prunes with my oatmeal and instant coffee AND a full morning at the shuffleboard court before my mid-morning snooze. Once I wake up from my nap, those little bastards are driving me to the library and 17 different doctor appointments before we hit the early bird special at Lum’s. You can bet I’ll be wearing my plaid pants up to my armpits and all cinched with a white leather belt that matches my loafers. My cardigan will reek of mothballs and Old Spice.

And I will revel in it. Revel in it!



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